Women Living With AIDS.

Women Living With AIDS.

Women living with HIV/ AIDS and reproductive health should not be treated differently from men living with AIDS. Women living with HIV/AIDS do not have a gender-specific illness. The conditions of women who present with AIDS are the same as for other women. Theronaments are not different for women with AIDS. The illness is a treatable one and women should be encouraged to attend physician-referral clinics.

Ultimately it is my belief that research should be encouraged, because there is a need to evaluate and treat the condition of women living with HIV/AIDS. Women who are taking an active role in HIV/AIDS related events and are HIV positive or a partner of a HIV positive partner should be identified and referred to appropriate health services.

This is human behavior, which is completely different from other creatures whom we do not consider to be human. We males are blessed from birth with the instinct to protect, tend and live in community with others. homage to the “Mother Nature” gifts us with a greater sense of confidence, self-worth and personal power than other creatures. Unfortunately, the nature of men when it comes to sex has beenWhacey-1986;-having sex with many partners.

At least six million women live with HIV/AIDS in the United States alone. Human beings who are suffering from this virulent disease hesitate to enter into a relationship. They are afraid of the judgment of others, of pregnancy or infection. Spouses threaten to leave because of the risk of infection. More than half of the women with HIV/AIDS in the United States are married. At a recent event, the academics speaking with a woman who has two HIV-infected husbands described the psychological agony they must go through. They kidney-whelped from virginity, inhibiting every aspect of their physical intimacy.

A woman has to make the difficult decision to either begin active HIV treatment or risk being infected with HIV/AIDS. She knows the life-changing decision that she will either acquire an incurable disease, become pregnant uncontrollably, or facing death. No one wants to decide between the two. At what point does a woman lose her humanity and subject herself to the judgment of society and the angels?

A judge or physician can diagnose at what stage of HIV infection a woman becomes infected. The distinguishable symptoms of AIDS are not the same for women and men. Women begin to change appearance and they may acquire swollen lymph glands, fever, muscle rash, loss of appetite, headaches, crooked neck

Men change in their mental state and some may begin to experience emotions like anxiety, gradual dementia, or personality changes. Men who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are also at risk of AIDS. It is important to note that even if you do not have obvious symptoms of AIDS, you can still get AIDS if you have unprotected sex with an infected person.

The fundamental right to safe sex is no longer practiced if your partner is not HIV negative. Women who are not virgins are at a risk of AIDS if they have sex with unknown females, even if they have sex with two couples. compare this to the males who can have sex with women who are not virgins, even if they have sex with two couples.

There is one clear way to protect yourself from deadly virus – married or dating. Do not have sex with new partners or sleep with someone you have not had sex with for some months. Use a condom with every sexual encounter. This is the only way to protect yourself from getting an AIDS-infected person pregnant or getting infected with HIV/AIDS.

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