Listed below are links to additional websites and resources that may provide useful information for women living with HIV, their caregivers and healthcare professionals.

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The links are grouped into the following categories:

  • Advocacy

    • Advocacy - International

      ATHENA Network 

      An international network of individuals and organizations focused on advancing gender equity and human rights in the global response to HIV/AIDS.

      Blueprint for Action on Women & Girls and HIV/AIDS 

      A coalition of HIV-positive women, Canadian and international HIV/AIDS organizations, and women’s and reproductive rights groups advocating for better prevention, services and support for women and girls affected by HIV/AIDS.


      Support gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts of policymakers and practitioners by bridging the gaps between theory, policy and practice with accessible and diverse gender information. 


      The Global Network of People living with HIV (GNP+) represents all people living with HIV and AIDS. It comprises six fully independent regional networks covering Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and North America. 

      International Women’s Health Coalition 

      An organization which generates health and population policies, programmes, and funding that promote and protect the rights and health of girls and women worldwide, particularly in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

      International Women's Day 

      A global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. 

      PANOS Global AIDS Project 

      An international network comprising eight institutes which promotes the participation of poor and marginalized people in national and international development debates, including discussion of HIV/AIDS.

      Stigma Action Network 

      A dynamic network that seeks to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination by catalysing action and commitment locally, regionally and globally through knowledge sharing, dialogue and partnerships.

      The ‘People Living with HIV’ Stigma Index

      A tool that will measure and detect changing trends in relation to stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV. 

      The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS

      A worldwide alliance of civil society groups, networks or women living with HIV, women’s organizations, AIDS service organizations, and the United Nations system, committed to strengthening AIDS programming for women and girls.

      Women Won't Wait 

      An international coalition of organizations and networks committed to women's health and human rights in the struggle to address HIV and AIDS and end all forms of violence against women and girls. 

      World YWCA 

      A global organization of 25 million women and girls in 122 countries working to mobilize women's leadership locally and globally in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

    • Advocacy - Country

      AIDS Action Europe 

      A pan-European partnership of non-governmental organizations that aims to create a more effective response to the HIV and AIDS epidemics in Europe and its neighbours.

      European AIDS Treatment Group

      A patient-led European network of nationally-based activists who represent and defend the treatment-related interests of people living with HIV and AIDS in Europe.

      HIV/AIDS Alliance

      The Alliance aims to prevent the spread of HIV, meet the challenges of AIDS, and build healthier communities in developing countries through global partnership of community-based organisations.


      A national network of women living with HIV in the UK whose aim is to influence future policy, practice and services.

      Voices of Positive Women

      A community based, member-driven agency that provides free and confidential support and advocacy to HIV-positive women throughout Ontario, Canada.

  • Support & Education

    • Support & Education - International

      International Center for Research on Women

      ICRW seeks to promote a world free of poverty in which women and men, girls and boys have equal opportunities to achieve their potential and realize their rights. Its focus is on research, education and advocacy. 

      International Planned Parenthood Federation

      IPPF is a global service provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all. It is an international movement of national organizations working with and for communities and individuals.


      Lifeboat is an international media project about motherhood with HIV. 

      Women in Europe

      Women in Europe (WECARe+) aims to highlight the issues facing women living with HIV across Europe and Central Asia. This network was officially launched at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, July 2010.

    • Support & Education - Country


      Provides information and support for people living with HIV and AIDS in Portugal. 


      A French association which aims to mobilize people who are directly or indirectly affected by AIDS and to provide them with resources and information.

      Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network 

      Provides HIV and AIDS information specifically targeted to Canadian Aboriginal people (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) living with the disease. 

      Canadian Women’s Health Network

      Provide a woman-centered vision of health and wellness. One of the issues they discuss is HIV/AIDS. 

      Deutsche Aidshilfe

      Umbrella organization of the German AIDS self-support system. It provides information and support for people living with AIDS, carries out prevention campaigns for men who have sex with men, women, and migrants.

      Femmes et SIDA

      Provide information and resources to women in France living with HIV and AIDS.

      Fundacion Huesped

      Aims to increase access to, and dissemination of, prevention information and education in order to foster social commitment to prevention education and to raise public awareness of HIV and AIDS in Argentina.

      German Network of Women and HIV/AIDS

      A nationwide network of women with HIV/AIDS in Germany. 


      A Russian non-governmental organization that implements programmes and consulting on HIV in the Russian Federation and in the CIS. 

      Kvinnocirkeln Sverige

      Swedish association of women living with HIV/AIDS. 

      Lifeboat Germany

      The German section of Lifeboat, the international media project about motherhood with HIV. 


      A coalition of international foundations working in HIV/AIDS prevention and aims to tackle the epidemic of HIV/AIDS, and related issues of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, among South Africa’s young people.

      NPS Italia Onlus - Italian Network of People Living with HIV

      A network of HIV-positive people who are active in the field of prevention, awareness, information and psychosocial support for HIV/AIDS issues, at both regional and national levels within Italy. 

      Positive Women’s Network

      A partnership of women living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in British Columbia, Canada. They support women in making informed choices about HIV/AIDS and health.

      Positively UK

      A UK charity championing the rights of people living with HIV.


      Provides information and support for people who are HIV positive in Portugal.

      Red de Mujeres (Womens Development Network)

      Support communication and interchange amongst women’s groups and organizations working in economic projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

      Romanian Commission of Fight Against AIDS

      Aims to prevent and combat HIV in Romania. CNLAS has also proposed specific therapy to improve patient access to HIV / AIDS.

      Romanian HIV/AIDS Centre

      RHAC’s main objective is to support the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy by gathering the efforts of the public, social and private sectors, to contribute to the prevention of HIV transmission among the general population and high risk groups, as well as to improve the lives of PLWHA.

      The Centre for AIDS Services of Montreal 

      Aims to provide support and increase the knowledge of preventive health in relation to HIV infection and AIDS in communities within Montreal, Canada, where women are at risk or are already living with HIV/AIDS. 

      The Teresa Group

      A Canadian community-based chari­table organization that provides practical assistance and emotional support through professional staff and trained volunteers to children and their families affected by HIV and AIDS.

      Treatment Action Campaign

      Advocates for increased access to treatment, care and support services for people living with HIV in South Africa and campaigns to reduce new HIV infections.

      XXelle Initiative on Women and AIDS in NRW 

      Provides information for women living with HIV/AIDS in Germany.

  • Treatment & Management Information

    • Treatment & Management Information - International


      An online HIV information resource providing up-to-date, evidence-based information on both the medical and social aspects of HIV, to people living with HIV and to those who work to treat, support and care for them.

      Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

      Founded in 1987, the ANAC is the leading nursing organization responding to HIV/AIDS.

      European HIV/AIDS & Infectious Diseases Academy 

      Aims to bring together experts and expertise in the HIV/AIDS treatment and care to increase the capacity of individuals and institutions (at national and regional levels) to provide state-of-the-art services based on the latest knowledge and technologies.

      Gender and AIDS

      The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), in collaboration with UNAIDS, has developed this comprehensive gender and HIV/AIDS web portal to provide up-to-date information on the gender dimensions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

      Global Campaign for Microbicides

      GCM is a diverse network of advocates and nongovernmental organizations working to expand HIV prevention options, especially for women, and to encourage ethical research that involves civil society.

      International AIDS Society

      The world's leading independent association of HIV/AIDS professionals. 

      International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care

      An association of healthcare professionals and civic leaders who advocate equitable access to quality HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for men, women, and children worldwide who are living with or at risk for HIV infection.

      National Pediatric AIDS Network

      A resource for information on pregnant women, children and adolescents with HIV/AIDS. 

      The Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry

      Based on information provided by healthcare professionals, the purpose of the Registry is to detect any major teratogenic effects involving antiretroviral drugs to which pregnant women are exposed.

      The Body HIV/AIDS Resource Centre for Women

      ‘The Body’ is a complete HIV/AIDS resource that includes a separate HIV/AIDS Resource Centre for Women.

      The Body Pro HIV/AIDS Resource Centre for Health Professionals

      ‘The Body Pro’ is a complete HIV/AIDS resource for Health Professionals.

      The Well Project

      Aim to change the course of this HIV/AIDS pandemic through a comprehensive focus on women. They provide the latest information on living with and managing HIV disease for HIV positive women, healthcare professionals and advocates.

    • Treatment & Management Information - Country


      A German working group of female physicians specialized in HIV/AIDS.

      Agence Nationale de Recherches sur la SIDA et les Hepatities Virales

      A French organization providing scientific information on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis research. 

      AIDS Portugal

      A Portuguese medical site about HIV/AIDS which include information for doctors. 

      British HIV Association 

      BHIVA is the leading UK professional association representing professionals in HIV care. Established for 15 years, it has national influence and is committed to providing excellence in the care of those living with and affected by HIV.

      Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

      A national knowledge exchange website providing for information related to HIV prevention and treatment, care and support for people living with and vulnerable to HIV in Canada and their caregivers, healthcare professionals, and AIDS service organizations. 

      Dutch Association of Physicians in AIDS

      The Dutch Association of Physicians in AIDS (Nederlandse Vereniging van AIDS Behandelaren; NVAB) was established in 1997 to promote knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS in the Netherlands.

      European AIDS Clinical Society

      EACS is a not-for-profit group of European physicians, clinicians and researchers in the field of HIV/ AIDS that aims to exchange the latest medical and scientific knowledge regarding clinical aspects of HIV/AIDS and its complications.

      German AIDS Society – AAWS section

      AAWS (All Around Women Special) is a working group within the German AIDS Society focusing on women-specific research and information. The website is aimed at providing information for women living with HIV/AIDS and healthcare professionals. 

      German AIDS Society – DAIG e.V.  

      A scientific association of physicians and healthcare professionals. Produces HIV treatment guidelines and information for healthcare professionals, and undertakes national and international projects.

      HIV Monitoring Foundation

      The HIV Monitoring Foundation monitors the HIV epidemic and the qualities of HIV care in the Netherlands. Its mission is to further the knowledge and understanding of the epidemiology and the course of the treated and untreated HIV infection.

      The Foundation for Research and Prevention of AIDS in Spain

      FIPSE is the collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Social Policy in Spain and various companies with the aim of coordinating the efforts being made in the fight against AIDS, especially in research aspects of this disease.

      Working Group on HIV treatment

      A Spanish website providing educational information about HIV/AIDS and its treatment.

      The Greek medical site about HIV/AIDS which includes information for doctors and patients.